Inventory List

Rebar Grade A3 Normal 5SP

TypeSizeLengthGradeDeliveryPrice (Rial)Inventory
Ribbed Rebar8At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar10At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar12At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar14At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar16At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar18At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar20At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar22At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar25At Least 4MA3FactoryCall-
Ribbed Rebar28At Least 4MA3FactoryCall-
Ribbed Rebar32At Least 4MA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar40At Least 4MA3FactoryCall-

Rebar Grade A4 12M 5SP

TypeSizeLengthGradeDeliveryPrice (Rial)Inventory
Ribbed Rebar812 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1012 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1212 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1412 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1612 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1812 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar2012 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar2212 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar2512 MetersA4FactoryCall-
Ribbed Rebar2812 MetersA4FactoryCall-
Ribbed Rebar3212 MetersA4FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar4012 MetersA4FactoryCall-

Plain Coil Wire Rod

TypeSizeStatusGradeDistinationPrice (Rial)Inventory
Wire Rod5.5Coil5SPFactoryCallYes
Wire Rod5.5Coil1008FactoryCallYes
Wire Rod5.5CoilRST34-2FactoryCallYes
Wire Rod6.5Coil1008FactoryCallYes
Wire Rod6.5CoilRST34-2FactoryCallYes
Wire Rod8Coil5SPFactoryCallYes
Wire Rod8CoilRST34-2FactoryCallYes

Rebar Grade A3 9M 5SP

TypeSizeLengthGradeDeliveryPrice (Rial)Inventory
Ribbed Rebar89 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar109 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar129 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar149 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar169 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar189 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar209 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar229 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar259 MetersA3FactoryCall-
Ribbed Rebar289 MetersA3FactoryCall-
Ribbed Rebar329 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar409 MetersA3FactoryCall-

Rebar Grade A3 12M 5SP

TypeSizeLengthGradeDeliveryPrice (Rial)Inventory
Ribbed Rebar812 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1012 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1212 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1412 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1612 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar1812 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar2012 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar2212 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar2512 MetersA3FactoryCall-
Ribbed Rebar2812 MetersA3FactoryCall-
Ribbed Rebar3212 MetersA3FactoryCallYes
Ribbed Rebar4012 MetersA3FactoryCall-
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