Integrated management policy

This policy is a framework for determining goals

Bafaq Iron and Steel Mining and Industry Complex Company produces all kinds of steel rebars, with the main goal of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and in line with the participation of the country’s industrial development, integrated environmental quality management system. It selects and establishes occupational health and safety based on international standards ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 as a model

لوگو شرکت آهن و فولاد بافق

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Bafaq Steel Company, with the help of Almighty God and based on the Supreme Leader’s menu, has put the slogan of 2016 as resistance economy, production and employment at the top of its work and in this regard, it is trying with great determination to use its capabilities and credibility.

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Management Policy

Our goals for the implementation & continuation of this policy are:

  • Gaining customers’ trust and creating trust for them.
  • Timely performance of tasks and obligations as the main activity of the company.
  • Trying to provide all creativity and innovation in order to increase the quality and quantity of products along with reducing the finished price of products.
  • Timely and effective maintenance of equipment and protecting the interests of the beneficiaries, especially the shareholders of the company.
  • Trying to complete the production process of the company’s products (creating a complete chain of steel production) with an emphasis on planning and development activities.
  • Compliance with the implementation of quality, environmental and safety and occupational health laws and requirements related to the production of the company’s products.
  • Commitment to the prevention of environmental pollution, occupational diseases, injury and work-related injuries.
  • Continuous improvement of performance and quality, environmental and occupational safety and health management systems.
  • Maintaining the human value and dignity of employees as the most valuable assets of the company through proper organization, implementation of targeted training, creating a suitable work environment and also promoting the culture of quality, environmental, occupational safety and health and increasing the sense of participation and work motivation.
  • Using the parts and services of suppliers that have been approved in terms of quality and compliance with environmental and safety issues and trying to improve them.

I am responsible for ensuring the good implementation of this policy, and considering that achieving the above goals requires the participation and cooperation of all company employees, they are all required to understand and implement it. Therefore, all the managers and supervisors of the units are obliged to align their activities with the mentioned goals and ensure the correct understanding of this policy to the colleagues.
This policy is a framework for determining annual macro and micro goals, which is reviewed at the beginning of each year and revised as needed.

bafgh Integrated management policy