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Introduction to [Bafgh Iron & Steel] Company

Industrial Units

who we are

Bafaq steel project is one of the huge steel projects of the country, which was handed over to the private sector in 2010 in line with the implementation of the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution.

One of the major advantages of this project is its proximity to the central iron ore mine of Iran and Chagharat, which is nicknamed the paradise of Iran’s mines.

Production units


the process of compressing a material


the Iron large pieces of flat linen


Chemical and atomic properties of iron


Many ores are suitable for direct reduction


Our [Products]

Direct Reduced Iron

is produced from the direct reduction of iron ore into iron by a reducing gas or elemental carbon produced from natural gas or coal.


Wire Rod Coil

As the name indicates, Iron Coils are fabricated with laminated iron linking the winding. Because iron features a very high level of magnetic permeability.


Rebar Production

is a steel bar used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and aid the concrete under tension.

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The important events and events of the steel industry inside and outside the country are collected by the company’s experts and provided to you after validation.

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گروه صنعتی یاران-رنگیگروه صنعتی یاران-تک رنگبافق-رنگیلوگو شرکت آهن و فولاد بافقنورد لوله یاراننورد لوله یارانفولاد صنعت مهدیفولاد صنعت مهدیپلیمر طلایی یزدپلیمر طلایی یزدقطورسازان اسپادانقطورسازان اسپادانباربری گهربار بافق یزدباربری گهربار بافق یزدآریا مولیبدن کسریآریا مولیبدن کسری
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اخبار داخلینورد میلگرد29 شهریور 1401By مدیر

بازدید فرزندان دختر کارکنان مجتمع فولاد بافق از محل کار پدر

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معاون قضایی دادستان کل کشور: عملکرد فولاد بافق فراتر از حد تصور

READ MOREاخبار داخلیپروژه کلاف29 شهریور 1401By مدیر

بازدید مدیرعامل بانک تجارت از مجتمع فولاد بافق


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